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CommEngReport – Carina C. Zona

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Carina C. Zona the founder of @CallbackWomen & @Code of Conduct +1, and I talk about issues of diversity, inclusion, and safe space related to seeing more women telling their stories on stage. We also dive into a frank conversation about speaker value and why the current model is a barrier to inclusion for many. Links […]

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CommEngReport – Jeff Atwood

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Jeff Atwood talks about community on Stack Overflow and Discourse as well as the importance of creating space for differing perspectives and personal stories. Links to podcast references: • Coolest…Experiment…Ever • The “Door” Study • The Monkey Business Illusion • Complaint Driven Development • Straight White Men: The Lowest Difficulty Setting There Is • The […]

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CommEngReport – Jonathan Sposato

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Jonathan Sposato of,, and and I talk about missed opportunities for venture capitalist who don’t embrace inclusion and diversity when making funding decisions, particularly those that support women. As we extend leadership positions to more women, the results are even more fantastic long term. Here are some facts that we need to […]