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Jonathan Sposato of,, and and I talk about missed opportunities for venture capitalist who don’t embrace inclusion and diversity when making funding decisions, particularly those that support women.

As we extend leadership positions to more women, the results are even more fantastic long term. Here are some facts that we need to make much more known:

  • 80 women CEO’s that the Boston research firm Quontopian followed during a 12-year study (2002 – 2014), were observed to produce equity returns for their shareholders of 226% better than the S&P 500. (fortune article)

  • Credit Suisse found that companies with a female CEO had a return on equity averaging about 19% higher and dividend payouts about 9% higher than companies with a male CEO. (msnbc report)

  • Companies with three or more women board members outperformed companies with zero women board members by 46% (return of equity). ( report)

  • A survey conducted by Women.VC found that female general partners at venture firms outperformed the industry average at a 3.78x a net return multiple. This is all the more impressive because women VC’s are often “ghettoed” into areas that don’t produce the highest returns; corporate VC groups, healthcare and lifesciences, or ecommerce where the largest “unicorn” valuations are rare. (pando daily article)

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