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Preparing for a Professional Career Can Be a Challenge.

Image of Kim Crayton standing in front of a brick wall Hi! I’m Kim Crayton and I help young adults prepare themselves for professional success. 

“Despite unprecedented technological and cultural sophistication, this generation’s 20-year-olds lack some of the soft skills that are necessary to move up the professional ladder: perseverance, humility, flexibility and commitment.” - Why America’s Youth Lacks Basic Work Skills

In the 21st century, the world of work is constantly changing. Yet while some skills that are needed today will be obsolete tomorrow others will always be needed for professional success:
- Critical Thinking Skills and Problem Solving Skills
- Collaboration Across Networks and Leading by Influence
- Agility and Adaptability
- Initiative and Entrepreneurialism
- Effective Oral and Written Communication
- Assessing and Analyzing
- Curiosity and Imagination

The Key Difference Between Hard and Soft Skills and Why BOTH Are Important:

- The 21st century skills/soft-skill are the “how-to’s” of functioning at work. Whereas, the hard-skills are the “what-to’s” you learn in school and/or with on the job training.
- Hard-skills allow you to do the mechanics of the work. They are a demonstration of one’s ability; while soft-skills are a demonstrations of one’s ability to get the work, maintain work status, and/or position oneself for growth.